Love In Action E.v.

Love in Action e.V.

is the Mission agency of the ECCLESIA churches in Germany (Merscheider Str. 40, 42699 Solingen-Ohligs). It is officially recognized as a charitable association.

For nearly 40 years Love in Action has been a cooperation partner of the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon.

We are working in…

Africa: Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa, Rep. Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Guinea Conakry,

South America: Brazil, Chile

Europe: Albania, Italy, Romania, Poland and Israel

Our vision

Because we have experienced the love of God ourselves, we want to share this love in word and action.

We want to show to people by word and action that:

  1. peace starts in the heart of the individual
  2. everyone who has been blessed by God, is asked to be a blessing to his fellow men

the strong to the weak

the healthy to the sick

the literate to illiterate

the rich to the poor

On the whole globe, especially in Third World countries, there exist enormous social differences. Besides a few super-rich people, generally the masses are battling to survive. Despite the prevalence of modern high tech in large cities, several tribes still live at Stone Age level. Migration, especially of educated youth, from the rural areas to the cities, worsens this situation. In the cities this phenomenon produces multitudes of street children, and gangs of unemployed teenagers.

Besides typical tropical diseases like malaria and river blindness, AIDS is becoming the most threatening scourge on these continents. This world, suffering from wars, famine and sickness, yet surrounded by prosperous societies, which are characterized by selfishness, is crying out for love. Through different projects “Love in Action” wants to bring this love to the people. To this end we presently have 16 fulltime missionaries and 10 short term missionaries on three continents.

Projects realized so far…

So far Love in Action has realized about 90 projects, especially in Cameroon. Together with our partner organizations - Full Gospel Mission Cameroon and Mission Kalima in Guinea Conakry - we have experienced how God, in a marvelous way, supplied all our needs! Again and again he moved the hearts of mostly German believers, but also of Christians from other countries, to donate to the work of our mission. As a result Love in Action has been able to give incredible financial support to FGM down to the present day. Only in the last ten years (2004 – 2014) more than 1.800.000 EUR, which is equivalent to 1,189 million CFA, was channeled into many social and medical projects. The building of schools, kindergartens, health posts, clinics and hospitals, a center for blind people and another one for the professional training of street children, were some of our main activities. Others were: evangelism and church planting, plus the construction of about 60 churches. All this we do because we believe that God wants not only to heal our spirit and soul, but also the body.

One of the first major projects was the Hospital Bethesda in Yaoundé. The Evangelist Peter Schneider, who is also an architect by profession, built this hospital in obedience to the command which God gave him (in an audible voice), while he was praying in the yard of the Gospel Center, Tsinga. But many obstacles had to be overcome before it could be inaugurated in 1999 by the then Superintendent of the FGM, David Njemo. 

From Pastor Peter Schneider’s arrival in 1974 until 1996, many churches were constructed by him; and from 1986 others were also constructed by another missionary of Love in Action, Bernd Scheven.

The mission spread to the surrounding areas when churches were built in towns like Bamenda-Mankon, Bamenda -Mile 4, Bamenda -Nkwen, Tiko, Bafut-Tingo, Fongo Tongo, Baffoussam, Mamfe, Bangangte, Yaoundé Tsinga, Yaoundé Nsimeon, Bafia, Bokito, Oballa, Ebang, Etoundou, Kiboum, Nanga Ebouko, Bertoua, Batouri, Kenzou, Yokadouma, Salapoumbe, Yenga, Nguillili, Bangoye I, Banana I and II, Makoka, Moloundou, and finally in the North: Garoua, Maroua, Foumban, Kaelle, Mokolo, Moulvouday, Mora, Oudjilla.

The command of the Lord to construct the Hopital Bethesda for the sick and needy, was the ignition for a great number of other projects, especially in the social and medical fields throughout the entire country; from Kribi on the shore of the Atlantic to Kousseri near Lake Tchad; from Mamfe near Nigeria to Kentsou at the Border of RCA.

The following list is only an excerpt of all that has been accomplished until date through the cooperation between Love in Action and Full Gospel Mission Cameroon:

1997: Inauguration of the Centre de Santé Jesus Sauve et Guerit

1999: Inauguration Hospital Bethesda         

2003:  Inauguration of church in Foumban

          Construction of chapel in Banana in the tropical rainforest completed

2004:  Inauguration of Professional Training Center for Street Children in Yaoundé

2005:  Preparations for extension of Bethesda Hospital, delivery ward

          Rooms for youth center in Batouri are purchased

2006:  Inauguration of church in Kousseri

2007:  Extension of School for the Blind  in Maroua

         Preparations for building of University chapel in Dang and Central Church in Ngaoundere

Start-up of operating suite in Hospital Bethesda

2008:  Inauguration of primary school L’Ecole d’Espoir in Batouri

2009: Inauguration of 3rd construction phase of Bethesda

           Guesthouse with 5 apartments in Garoua

2011: Inauguration of new clinic and church in Ngong

  Inauguration of new church in Ngaoundere Bali

  1st service in church of Ngoulemakong

  Inauguration of new church in Abong Mbang

  Inauguration of school and kindergarten in Ngaoundere II, Gada Mabanga

2012: Inauguration of University chapel in Dang

2013: Inauguration of Bible School in Ngaoundere Bamyanga

  Inauguration of church in Meiganga

2014: Dedication of church in Touboro

Dormitories for Bible School in Bamyanga

3 studios for short time missionaries and teachers’ house in Gada Mabanga

6 apartments for 24 bible students in N‘dere Bamyanga

Many other projects are in process…

missionary and guest house in Yokadouma

central church in Douala

house for teachers of bible school in N‘dere Bamyanga / Northern Cameroon

church in Ngaoundere II (Gada Mabanga)

health-center in Touboro

school for Bakas in Domiaka

new church in Bertoua

…or are in the pipeline …

center for youth in Batouri

church in Tibati, land already purchased

church in Banyo, land already purchased

church in Tignere, land already purchased

church in Figuil, land already purchased

blind school in Maroua, land already purchased

extension of clinic in Garoua, land already purchased

building of a garage in PTC in Yaoundé

health center in Makoka

guest house in Moloundou

clinic in Yokadouma

church in Bamyanga

renovation of Pastor’s house in Batouri

renovation of Pastor’s house in Bertoua

church in Bertoua

church in Ayos, land already purchased

church in Nsimalen

guest house in Ngong

All these activities are a demonstration of God’s love, which he puts in the hearts of those who have experienced salvation through Jesus Christ. To receive God’s blessing is a commission to be a blessing to others! You can also participate in this great mission of God’s Love and put your love into action.

With this desire we remain your friends in Christ,

Peter and Esther Schneider with all the collaborators of Love in Action


Liebe in Aktion e.V.

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89077 Ulm / Germany

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