The men channel their skills and resources in to practical kingdom work; by initiating projects, being models for our youths, and becoming responsible fathers.

The men’s ministry exist to see people who are far from God – Come to know God, and also go out to make Him known. In the ministry men are disciple and made followers of Christ. Men are encouraged and equipped to love Jesus. Men are challenged into purposeful Christianity that helps them to move closer to Jesus and to resemble Him.

As men of Issachar, the ministry has to rally and release men to go for missions like David’s men of valour as well as prepare them to take challenge in kingdom ministry.

God is calling men of Full Gospel Mission to be connected to Him, to His word, to the Holy Spirit, to their families and to one another. It is expected of the men to connect generations, model young men for leadership, ministry and fatherhood. It is expected of the men to take lead in kingdom projects, defend the cause of God, and demonstrate their loyalty to God and to the Mission.



Our Mission

Making Men who understand the times; Men who know what they ought to do in their lives, at home, in church and in their community ; they choose not to be absentee men, but go ahead to do what they ought to do.

Our Vision

Full Gospel Men’s Ministry making our men become men of Issachar.(1 Chronicles 12:32)

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